Ghost Adventures - Season 4 Episode 21

Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, and Jay Wasley investigate the scariest, most notorious, haunted places in the world.

Episode: 21/306 eps

Duration: 45 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2008

IMDb: 7.6

Season 1 - Ghost Adventures
"No description"
"Zak, Nick and Aaron go to Moundsville, WV, to investigate and confront the tortured souls that remain inside the abandoned Moundsville State Penitentiary. The prison was mired by evil, torture and death for over a century."
"Zak leads the team to Wilder, KY, to investigate Bobby Mackey's Music World. With a history full of murder, suicide and satanic cult activity, this nightclub has become known as \"Hell's Gate.\""
"Ghost Adventures head to North Adams, MA, to investigate the Houghton Mansion. The Houghton family experienced several tragic deaths there. Later, the mansion was sold to the secretive Masons, and they have experienced numerous paranormal events."
"The Ghost Adventures team travels to West Palm Beach, FL, to investigate the Riddle House. Formerly used as a funeral parlor and home to cemetery caretakers, the house has seen its share of death and dark haunting.\n\n."
"Zak leads the team to Birmingham, AL, to investigate Sloss Furnaces. Built in 1881, this factory was a dangerous place to work. Many workers died and many more were injured. It's the souls of these workers that are believed to inhabit and haunt the factory."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron go to New Jersey to investigate an abandoned psychiatric hospital. This hospital once housed thousands of mentally ill patients, many of whom died due to poor conditions. Witnesses have reported disembodied voices and dark shadows there."
"The Ghost Adventures team travels to Scotland to investigate the Edinburgh Vaults. The city is steeped in history and hauntings, but no landmark holds as many ghosts as the rooms and passageways under South Bridge."
"The Ghost Adventures team heads to Boise to investigate the Old Idaho Penitentiary. The prison once housed killers destined for the gallows, and even though the criminals may be gone, their spirits remain locked behind the high stone walls of the prison."
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Season 2 - Ghost Adventures
"Zak, Nick and Aaron are off to Ione, CA, to investigate Preston Castle -- a reformatory that once housed juvenile offenders and abandoned children. Its dark history includes an unsolved murder, countless instances of corporal punishment and many tragic deaths."
"The crew heads to St. Augustine, FL, to investigate a Spanish fort. More than 300 years after it was built in America's oldest city, Castillo de San Marcos is still defended by the spirits of soldiers and haunted by the prisoners once locked inside."
"Zak and the team investigate paranormal occurrences at La Purisima Mission in Lompoc, CA. The former Spanish residence of padres, soldiers and the native Chumash is beautiful, but the air around it is heavy with the tragedy of disease and war."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron head to Natchitoches, LA, to investigate the Magnolia Plantation. Many slaves labored and died at this cotton plantation, which was built in 1830. The crew looks for evidence of voodoo rituals slaves may have used to seek revenge on the owners."
"Ghost Adventures confronts the spirits of the Old West in Tombstone, AZ. The Bird Cage Theater embodied the heyday of the silver boom. Legendary gunslingers, gamblers and prostitutes drank and died in the theater, and some even stayed to haunt it."
"The team goes to Philadelphia to investigate the abandoned Eastern State Penitentiary. Driven insane by solitary confinement, torture and disease, the inmates suffered an ugly and violent existence. Their angry spirits continue to roam the corridors."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron visit Savannah, GA, to investigate the Moon River Brewing Company. The building survived General Tecumseh Sherman and has seen its share of feuds, fights and lynchings. Today a ghost named Toby haunts the billiard room and other spirits lurk."
"The Ghost Adventures team travels to England to investigate the Ancient Ram Inn. Built around 1145, its long dark history includes a pagan burial ground, ritual sacrifices of children and a possible connection to Stonehenge."
Season 3 - Ghost Adventures
"Ghost Adventures visit a school where disabled students were abused."
"Ghost Adventures investigate a haunted island near Venice, Italy."
"In its 96-year history, more than 150,000 criminals were confined here."
"Ghost Adventures visit an abandoned factory with a dark past."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron head back to the place of their first investigation."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron endure some of their most chilling discoveries yet."
"This place has a history of hauntings, tortures and shipwrecks."
"The Ghost Adventures Crew get locked down in an old mansion named Prospect Place in Trinway, Ohio. The home was once a stop along the Underground Railroad for escaped slaves seeking their freedom."
"G.A.C. gets locked down in The Wolfe Manor Hotel in Clovis, California, where it is called a \"black hole\" because people are known to disappear."
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Season 4 - Ghost Adventures
"No description"
"Prepare for an in-depth look into the dramatic history of Gettysburg."
"Rolling Hills Asylum has had as many roles as it has characters. A Satan-worshipping nurse, a gentle giant and an alleged child molester all at one time or another roamed its halls."
"When they first investigated Bobby Mackey's Music World in 2008, the Ghost Adventures crew was physically attacked by unseen forces. The crew returns to Kentucky to confront the ghosts who have terrorized them the past two years."
"Waverly Hills Sanatorium was the final destination for many who were without hope. With no cure in sight, death was a daily occurrence. The crew investigates the dark history along with the spirits that are still trapped."
"See the inspiration that led Stephen King to pen his classic The Shining."
"This episode shows the charisma, the charm and the comedy of the Ghost Adventures crew, as well as the creepy and the chilling aspects of this once home to the destitute."
"Violence and corruption at the mine led to unspeakable deaths. Now the Ghost Adventures crew investigates the evil spirits haunting the collapsed grounds that make up this barren ghost town."
"The crew explores the iron giant known as the Hornet, a 1940s vintage aircraft carrier docked in the San Francisco Bay. Visitors report seeing apparitions of the crew along with bloodstains that simply disappear at will."
"Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada. The symbolic Last House on the Left, at the end of the street - La Palazza. This once opulent estate, still looks the same from the outside, but is now stripped down to it's proverbial skin and bones."
"Hundreds have died here, and today reports of paranormal activity persist. The U.S. Government denies such claims, but the Ghost Adventures crew is here to uncover the truth."
"Join Zak, Nick and Aaron in this dusty mining town as they find themselves battling a vicious spirit with a penchant for hating men."
"The crew uncovers the gruesome stories of lives lost in the battle of 1812."
"The crew investigates a house where eight people were brutally murdered."
"The crew investigates the former site of a corrupt funeral home."
"Do the souls who were so brutally murdered still roam the Pico House?"
"Zak and company head out to the ghost town that launched their careers."
"Zak finds paranormal activity from the violent past of a Wild West town."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron travel to Salem to conduct a two-part lockdown."
"The crew visits Jerome Grand Hotel to mollify the community's angry ghosts."
"The team revisits the past to reveal the events at Yorktown Memorial."
"Hollywood wax figures and mob villains cause quite a stir for Zak and the gang during a lockdown at Madame Tussauds, former site of the Mafia-run Sands Casino."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron explore Sacramento's tunnels, courthouse and theater."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron explore Hales Bar Marina, which locals say is cursed."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate the ghosts of the Maysville Slave House."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate the demons of Tooele Hospital in Utah."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate a celebrity home in Hurricane Mills, TN."
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Season 5 - Ghost Adventures
"Zak, Nick and Aaron confront the demonic spirits of the Ashmore Estates."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron head to Tonapah, NV, to explore the Mizpah Hotel."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron enter into a multipart lockdown in Old Town San Diego."
"The guys conduct a paranormal experiment at Winchester Mystery House."
"The guys investigate the infamous axe murders at the Lizzie Borden House."
"The guys explore an abandoned mental institution complex in upstate NY."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron return to the city where they captured some of their most compelling paranormal evidence. On this visit, they investigate three locations: the St Mary's Art Center, the Silver Queen Hotel, and the Miner's Cabin at the Gold Hill Hotel."
"The crew investigates Rocky Point Manor and a Civil War battlefield."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron embark on a two-part lockdown on the island of Jamaica, which includes an exploration of the Rose Hall's infamous White Witch and the never-before-investigated home of Johnny Cash."
"Zak, Nick, and Aaron investigate an old jail in Charleston, South Carolina. During its 137 years in operation, the Old Charleston Jail held within its stone walls some of the city's most notorious convicts. Some have been vindicated by history; others are remembered as monsters. For a few, their guilt or innocence remains a mystery."
Season 6 - Ghost Adventures
"No description"
"Zak, Nick and Aaron delve deep into the dingy Shanghai Tunnels in Portland."
"The guys explore an unsolved murder at the Peabody Mansion in Denver."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron engage in a two-part lockdown in the town of Bisbee."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron return to Nevada City to investigate a hotel and caves."
"Zak Aaron and Nick return to the Linda Vista Hospital to conduct a dangerous experiment they have not tried before to try to communicate with the apparition Nick saw last time. Featuring Chad Lindberg."
"Gary Galka is the inventor of many of the gadgets the GAC use during their investigations. He invented these gadgets after his daughter, Melissa, was killed following a car crash. The GAC spend the episode interviewing the Galka family."
"Zak, Nick & Aaron explore the Riviera Hotel with a few special guest stars."
"Zak, Nick & Aaron explore the Hellfire Caves outside London, England, where they recreate past secret pagan rituals and conjure the spirits of 18th century English royalty."
"The crew are in Kent, England, inside Fort Horsted; the guys recruit locals to conduct a s\u00e9ance to provoke the demonic spirits that terrify visitors at the fort."
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Season 7 - Ghost Adventures
"No description"
"Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate the ghoulish Central Unit Prison of Sugar Land, Texas, where more than 100 inmates have met their end in the electric chair."
"Zak, Nick & Aaron head to Zak's hometown of Chicago, IL, for a two-location lockdown of the Excalibur Nightclub and Bachelor's Grove Cemetery. The guys are taken aback when an unseen force pushes Zak down the stairs in the club."
"Zak, Nick & Aaron explore one of America's most haunted lighthouses in Point Sur, CA. The guys are amazed when they discover a mysterious figure along the coastline."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron head to the Great Lakes to explore the demonic activity overrunning the Palmer House Hotel. The investigation gets personal when a dark spirit beckons Zak and Aaron, speaking their full names."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron voyage to Greenfield, Indiana in search of the source of a dark power, which has overrun the Black Moon Manor. As the temperature suddenly drops to 66.6 degrees, the guys are startled to hear a demonic voice."
"Zak, Nick & Aaron investigate the Sedamsville Rectory in Cincinnati, OH, plagued by a violent and demonic entity. The guys bring a priest in to perform an exorcism on the house, and they witness someone being possessed."
"Zak, Nick & Aaron travel to the old mining town of Cripple Creek, CO to investigate two locations plagued with paranormal activity. The guys collect astounding visual evidence after implementing new 3D technology."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron head to the infamous Brookdale Lodge in CA in search of notorious spirits lingering around the building. With the help of Zak's dog, Gracie, the guys hope to contact the spirit of a diseased little girl."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron travel to the Tor House, former home to American poet, Robinson Jeffers, who predicted he would talk to the living 50 years after his death. The guys watch in awe as they glimpse a misty figure by the tower."
"Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin investigate the historic Union Station in Kansas City, MO. The guys record visual evidence of an apparition without a reflection in the marble floors."
"Zak, Nick & Aaron travel to a tiny Texas town to determine if the town's \"crazy water\" has led to the Baker Hotel becoming infested with ghosts. During the lockdown, Zak turns aggressive after a shadow figure disappears into him."
"This episode highlights some of the hospital's and asylums that the ghost adventures crew have explored including pennhurst and Yorktown memorial."
"In this episode some of the nightclubs, bars and restautants the crew have investigated are highlighted, including Bobby Mackeys music world."
"Zak, Nick & Aaron head to the Wyoming Frontier Prison, the resting place for over 200 inmates. While the guys investigate a 2nd haunted location in the neighborhood, an unseen entity violently throws their camera to the ground."
"Zak, Nick & Aaron are accompanied by ABC's Nightline crew to investigate a haunted harbor in Staten Island. The Ghost Adventures crew hears phantom noises and Zak and Nick discover a shadow lurking in the darkness."
"In a special two-hour event, Ghost Adventures travel across Ireland's countryside, uncovering the origins of Halloween, abound with ancient Celtic legends and haunted locales infested by ghosts, banshees and satanic entities."
"Zak, Nick & Aaron visit three New Orleans locations haunted by the lost souls of 2005's Hurricane Katrina. Zak records a spirit utter the words \"Katrina,\" and Nick & Aaron witness books fly off the shelves during a voodoo ritual."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron head to San Francisco to investigate a century-old strip club, home to a dark entity that stalks women and hurts men. An angry spirit blindsides Nick by yanking on his shirt collar."
"Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin return to Goldfield, NV to reinvestigate the site of some of their most memorable haunts. The guys document extreme poltergeist activity, which they present to local experts for validation."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron invite celebrity investigators Brit Morgan from HBO's True Blood, and recording artist Mimi Page to Santa Paula to explore the haunted and mysterious Glen Tavern Inn."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron take their first trip to Mississippi to investigate the daunting King's Tavern, home to a legendary bloody dagger. During their lockdown, two members of the team appear to have lost control of themselves."
Season 8 - Ghost Adventures
"No description"
"Zak, Nick and Aaron travel to Goodsprings Nevada to see a 100-yr-old saloon."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron head to a Texas inn built on a 150-yr-old battleground."
"Zak and Aaron witness a spirit operate on Nick in a hospital in Sonora, CA."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate dark and ominous prison cells in Missouri."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron engage in a suspenseful 3-part lockdown in Santa Ana."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron help homeowners scared out of their Victorian mansion."
"Zak, Nick & Aaron's 100th episode takes them to the original Exorcist House."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron get their chance to investigate the Alcatraz prison."
"The GA crew investigate the odd paranormal events at a modern-day brothel."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate a rundown old mansion in the Midwest."
"Zak, Nick & Aaron return to KY to examine former Civil War field hospitals. The guys experiment using reenactment actors to emulate the original battle, and they hear a spirit utter the name of a fallen Civil War soldier."
"No description"
Season 9 - Ghost Adventures
"Zak, Nick, and Aaron head to Los Angeles, California to investigate the Oman House, a home riddled with paranormal activity believed to be directly linked to the Manson Murders of 1969 that killed Sharon Tate. The crew also discovers that the home was built upon Native American burial grounds."
"The GAC head to Louisiana in search of the spirits that reside at the Myrtles Plantation, one of hundreds of plantations in Louisiana from the slavery years. It is believed that there have been 10 murders at the location which is renowned to be one of the most likely places to see an apparition in the world."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate two New York sites: A mansion rumored to be haunted by the ghost of George Washington, and a bar where security camera footage reveals glasses spontaneously flying off shelves."
"The GAC travel to Montana to investigate the Hotel Meade. While investigating, they expand the scope of their investigation to include more areas; including the crying baby houses, the saloon, the church house, and the schoolhouse."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron head to a 100-year-old cement factory that's been turned into a Halloween attraction in Salt Lake City, UT. The guys are shocked to hear that employees recite from a satanic bible, causing all sorts of aggressive and demonic paranormal activity. The location is even more eerie in the fact that it holds the address of 666."
"GAC travel back in time to the Heritage Junction. Spirits include those of a woman seen on the second floor of the Newhall Ranch House and a young boy named Timmy who's voice was captured on an EVP calling for \"Linda\"."
"The guys head to San Pedro, CA, to investigate the Fort MacArthur Military Museum, the site of many claims of paranormal activity believed to be caused by UFOs. Built in 1914, this coastal defense battery was put to the test after Pearl Harbor when they fired almost 1,500 rounds of ammunition at what they believed was an air invasion."
"GAC visit the historic St. James Hotel in Cimarron, where many famous people from the Old West, including Jesse James, Wyatt Earp and Annie Oakley, have stayed over the years. During their lockdown, the guys investigate reports of an ill-tempered spirit in Room 18, which is padlocked shut and off-limits to guests."
"GAC travel to rural Indiana for their lockdown at Fox Hollow Farm, a beautiful mansion on a farm where serial killer Herb Baumeister targeted gay men, luring them back to his pool room and killing up to 19 men by erotic asphyxiation in the mid-1990s. Although eleven of these deaths were identified on the premises, eight still remain a mystery. The guys also venture into the back woods where hundreds of the bones of his victims were found by investigators in June of 1996."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron travel to the historic city of Savannah for their lockdown at the haunted Sorrel Weed House, the infamous antebellum-style home built in 1839 as well as the Gribble House, where a triple-murder took place in 1909."
"The guys head back to the west coast for their lockdown at the infamous Whaley House of Old Town, San Diego, one of the most haunted houses in America due to its numerous spirits haunting the home, including a ghost named \"Yankee Jim\"."
"The guys visit Pioche, Nev., an 1860s silver-mining town that has maintained much of its Old West character. During their stay, they investigate the historic Overland Hotel and Saloon, and the Million Dollar Courthouse and Jail."
"GAC travel to Ohio for their lockdown at the Old Licking County Jail, where multiple murders of famous criminals, inmate suicides and the deaths of four sheriffs were the norm. Also during their trip, they investigate a local paranormal investigator's nearby house who said she captured a photo of a dark shadow apparition named \"Davey\" who became attached to her back at the jail and then followed her home."
Season 10 - Ghost Adventures
"No description"
"In the season premiere, the investigative trio climb aboard the legendary ocean liner Queen Mary, now permanently docked in Long Beach, California, and considered to be one of the most haunted places in the world. Not long after the ship's maiden voyage in 1936, it was put into military service. Tragedy surrounded the ship - nicknamed the \"Gray Ghost\" - until 1967 when it dropped anchor for good and became a hotel, still in operation today. With reports of multiple apparitions and voices - including that of a former crewman and little girl - the trio prepares for a powerful investigation."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron investigate the Lemp Mansion and Brewery in St. Louis, Missouri. After years of tragedy and suicide, this great American landmark is now known as the country's top 10 most haunted locations."
"Zak, Nick and Aaron head to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to investigate a home terrorized by an ancient, demonic force. The Zozo Demon is known for attacking and possessing its victims through a spirit board."
"Near the dark and creepy canals of Xochimilco, Mexico sits what might be the world's strangest and scariest tourist attraction: the Island of the Dolls, also home to a sinister and haunted mystery."
"Zak, Aaron, Billy and Jay travel to the Bell Witch Cave in a secluded area in Adams, Tennessee, where they will investigate the notorious legend of the Bell Witch that has plagued the Bell family and other families on the nearby farmland in 1817."
"Zak, Aaron, Bill and Jay travel to the Sallie House, claimed to be one of the most haunted houses in the Midwest, to investigate the claims of demonic attacks after the experiences of the Pickman family in 1992."
"Ghost Adventures travels to Duluth, MN, where they become the first paranormal team to investigate the Nopeming Sanatorium, where thousands of lives were lost to tuberculosis."
"Ghost Adventures crew spend the night in the ghost town of Goldfield, Arizona, which was the original Apache Junction. Zak tests new gas-detecting equipment in the mines, and Jay Wasley is utterly startled when he sees a man in a trench coat roaming through the town. The team also ventures into the cursed lands of the Superstition Mountain in order to find out any details related to the hectic mining for the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine and its connections to Apache Junction."
"The Ghost Adventures Crew returns to where the Old West never died, Tombstone, Arizona, to investigate Big Nose Kate's Saloon, a place tormented by a spirit known only as the Swamper. But the guys also stop by and reinvestigate the Bird Cage Theatre and pay their respects to Leroy Colomy, a close friend who was tragically shot and killed only a short distance from the doorsteps of the theatre."
"The Ghost Adventures Crew travels to a quiet suburb just outside of Seattle to investigate the residence of Keith Linder, who claims a demonic force is wreaking havoc throughout the tranquil, contemporary home. Linder has spent the past year documenting what appears to be extreme poltergeist activity, including mysterious demonic inscriptions written on his walls and a fire spontaneously igniting in the home. With activity of this level, Bagans and the team investigate to determine if Keith's antagonistic spirit is one of the most powerful dark forces they have yet to encounter."
"Ghost Adventures heads to Texas to investigate a horror hotel, haunted by a spirit of a little girl. Before the lockdown, the guys take a detour to verify reports of a spirit pushing parked cars onto train tracks."
"No description"
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"No description"
Season 11 - Ghost Adventures
"Ghost Adventures travels to Iowa to investigate 150-year-old Edinburgh Manor. Zak hears how a tall, dark entity known only as \"The Joker\" terrorizes people who enter the manor, including violently choking people."
"The Ghost Adventures Crew visits the Old Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge, a place haunted today by a deadly 1959 prison riot. During the lockdown, the guys witness camera batteries inexplicably explode and fizzle acid."
"The Ghost Adventures Crew sets sail to Port Townsend, Washington to investigate the claims of violent hauntings at Manresa Castle. During the lockdown, an entity mimics and torments Aaron."
"The Ghost Adventures Crew travels to Fayetteville, Tennessee to investigate the Old Lincoln County Hospital, a claimed powerhouse of paranormal activity."
"The Ghost Adventures Crew travels to Las Vegas, New Mexico to investigate the abandoned Castaneda Hotel, one of the Fred Harvey Company's most famous hotels. They also investigate the nearby haunted Plaza Hotel."
"Ghost Adventures Crew travels to Soledad, California for their lockdown at the Los Coches Adobe, a former brothel where a lady in black is said to roam. The guys also investigate a local legend about Old Stage Road outside of Salinas, California to validate peoples claims of a female spirit appearing on the road, and in their car."
"The Ghost Adventures Crew travels to the remote desert outside of Peach Springs, Arizona for their lockdown at the Grand Canyon Caverns, a sacred Indian burial site."
"Ghost Adventures Crew investigate three notorious hauntings around Hollywood, California."
"The Ghost Adventures Crew travel outside of Kansas City to Liberty, Missouri for their lockdown inside the old Oddfellow's Asylum, the current home of the famous Belvoir Winery."
"The Ghost Adventures Crew returns to Tonopah, Nevada where Zak faces his fear of clown dolls during their lockdown at the Clown Motel. They also return to Goldfield, Nevada in order to investigate the old Goldfield High School."
"GAC travel to the legendary Wild West town of Deadwood, South Dakota to investigate its most haunted locations, where the spirits of cowboys and gunslingers still roam."
"The Ghost Adventures Crew travels to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho for their lockdown at the Lava Hot Springs Inn, where many paranormal claims have been reported for the past 27 years."
Season 12 - Ghost Adventures
"The GAC travels to Los Angeles to investigate the Los Feliz home where the infamous Black Dahlia murder is believed to have occurred."
"The GAC heads to the greater Los Angeles area to investigate a compound that served as a Scientology lab. They encounter disturbing energy and Jay Wasley gets mysterious burns after provoking the spirit of Scientology founder L.Ron Hubbard."
"The GAC head to Lake Arrowhead, California, to investigate two buildings plagued with demonic activity."
"Ghost Adventures returns to Riviera Hotel, once a major Vegas casino but now scheduled for demolition. The guys investigate the casino and hotel one last time, so they invite four fans to join them for the unprecedented event."
"The Ghost Adventures Crew invites Today Show correspondent Dylan Dreyer to investigate Locke, California, a ghost town formerly run by the Chinese mafia."
"The Ghost Adventures Crew climbs aboard the Star of India, a 150-year-old merchant ship docked in San Diego that is part of the Maritime Museum of San Diego."
"The Ghost Adventures Crew travel to Utah for their lockdown in Leslie's Family Tree Restaurant, a family-owned eatery, part of it in a 100-year-old building that's reportedly haunted by several ghosts and poltergeist activity."
"The Ghost Adventures Crew head to Yuma to investigate the Yuma Territorial Prison, which earned the name Hell Hole due to the intense heat of the location and inhumane punishments dealt to the inmates, such as locking them in the Snake Den."
"GAC heads to the Arizona desert for their lockdown in The Domes, a collection of massive dome-shaped buildings. These unusual structures were built in 1982 by a circuit board company for their offices, but were left abandoned and are said to be haunted by the spirits of children, Native Americans and shadow figures."
"Ghost Adventures heads to Carson City to investigate the Nevada State Prison."
"Zak and Aaron return to San Jose, CA, to reopen their investigation of the Winchester Mystery House."
"Ghost Adventures investigates extraterrestrial activity in Rainbow Valley, Arizona."
"The GAC investigate the Deadly Possessions Museum - a mansion that is being converted into a museum for the haunted items Zak has collected over the years."
Season 13 - Ghost Adventures
"Ghost Adventures Crew travel to Idaho Springs to investigate the haunted Phoenix Gold Mine, where a brutal murder took place and a malevolent spirit called \"Tommyknocker\" is known to roam the deep tunnels."
"A return to Virginia City, Nev., to investigate two properties once owned by the legendary mining tycoon John Mackay. An intense lockdown for the crew is highlighted by Jay being pushed down a flight of stairs and more."
"The GAC travel to Prescott, Arizona to investigate the Palace Saloon, one of the most lavish saloons in Arizona, to look for spirits that died in high-stakes gambling related murders."
"The GAC head to Los Angeles in order to investigate a home plagued with demonic activity. During the investigation, Billy gets severely affected by a demonic presence."
"The GAC are called to Sacramento, California to investigate the boardhouse operated by Dorothea Puente, a prolific serial killer who killed her clients when they were in need in exchange for cash."
"The Ghost Adventures crew is in Dillon, Montana, investigating the historic Hotel Metlen. During his investigation, Zak learns of possession, suicide and an ominous third floor that has been forbidden to the public for over 20 years. As night falls, the crew executes a wildly active lockdown in which Aaron is trapped on the infamous third floor with horrifying results."
"The Ghost Adventures crew investigates St. Anne's Retreat, where in 1997 a group of teenagers, drawn to the property for its legends of dead nuns and hellhounds, were held hostage and terrorized by three armed security guards."
"Zak and the crew travel to Montana to investigate an old orphanage with a long history of cruelty and death. During the lockdown, Jay captures a light anomaly, and Zak attempts to communicate with the spirit of a little girl."
"The guys travel to Butte, MT, to investigate a historic bordello. As they communicate directly with the aggressive spirits, Zak suffers a mysterious scratch on his neck and loses time during the lockdown."
"The Ghost Adventures crew investigates the historic Zalud House in Porterville, CA. Zak learns the history behind a severely haunted chair where a Zalud family member was murdered and each team member that sits in it is affected."
"The Ghost Adventures Crew visits North Dakota to investigate the San Haven Sanatorium. During the investigation, Zak almost suffers an injury, the crew encounters a slew of disturbing energies and they capture a horrifying EVP."
"The Ghost Adventures crew is in El Paso, Texas, to investigate the De Soto Hotel and Concordia Cemetery. They learn about Satanic worship in the basement of the De Soto and dig into serial killer Richard Ramirez's connection to Concordia Cemetery."
"The Ghost Adventures crew is in Denton, Texas, investigating Goatman's Bridge. They learn about Satanic worship underneath the bridge and hear stories from four women who were physically attacked by a demonic entity."
"No description"
Season 14 - Ghost Adventures
"No description"
"The Ghost Adventures crew investigates the Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie, Oklahoma, where it is said the owner performs satanic rituals in the local cemetery."
"Zak and the crew investigate the site of a 1996 double murder in Los Angeles' Chatsworth neighborhood. The guys gather chilling evidence of paranormal activity and are lured away from the location against their will."
"Zak and the crew investigate an abandoned prison in Guthrie, Oklahoma, which in the 1990s served as the headquarters for the Samaritan Foundation, an organization with rumored ties to murder and terrorism."
"Zak and the crew travel to New Mexico to investigate the Double Eagle Restaurant and the Dona Ana County Courthouse. Both buildings have been plagued by death, leading to poltergeist activity that torments investigators."
"Zak and the crew arrive in sunny Los Angeles to investigate the infamous Silent Movie Theatre. Zak delves deep into a famous murder, learns of the strange death of a beloved savior of silent films and even contacts a deceased movie star."
"Zak and the crew travel to Erie, Colorado, along with Bishop Bryan Ouellette to perform an exorcism on a young man in order to help rid him of a demonic attachment he obtained after trying to conjure an entity years ago."
"Zak and the crew are given special permission from the Navajo Nation to investigate Skinwalker Canyon, a place where many residents refuse to enter in fear of encountering shape-shifting creatures."
"Zak Bagans and his crew head to Upper Fruitland, New Mexico, to help a family who are troubled by the ghost of a faceless young boy. During the intense lock down inside the Navajo Nation, the guys capture a chair moving on its own."
"Zak and the crew investigate a family-owned pizzeria in Magna, Utah, where an evil witch has cast a spell that has the family fearing for their safety. During the lockdown, the guys try to draw out what's in the basement and get some violent responses."
"Zak and the crew investigate the infamous Viper Room on West Hollywood's Sunset Strip. With a famous owner, the tragic death of a beloved actor and the unsolved disappearance of a business partner, the nightclub is filled with sinister energy."
"Zak and the crew return to Tooele, Utah, to investigate a recently abandoned nursing home that shares the same building with a haunted attraction that was in operation during their original investigation of Tooele Hospital in 2011."
Season 15 - Ghost Adventures
"No description"
"The crew travels to a sinister ghost town near Wolf Creek, Oregon. During the investigation, Zak is overtaken by an aggressive entity, Aaron is incapacitated by a dark force, eerie figures appear and a voice warns of a demonic presence."
"The crew travels to a home in Ogden, Utah (adjacent to a graveyard) to help a family plagued by serious possessions and the presence of a red-headed entity. A cleric is brought in to attempt an exorcism."
"Zak and the crew head to Idaho to investigate the Albion State Normal School, where dark energy from satanic graffiti is affecting its staff. During the lockdown, Jay and others are aggressively marked with strange symbols behind their ears."
"Zak and the crew head to a Colorado museum where something is threatening the health of its employees. During the investigation, they uncover the property's violent history and gather disturbing evidence of a dangerous entity."
"The crew travels to Missouri to investigate the ominous Pythian Castle. Once plagued by torture and suicide, this historic building is infected with violent spirits who seem to mimic the living and deliver fatal premonitions."
"GAC investigate the massive Titanic Museum in Branson, Missouri where employees believe the spirits of the 1,496 people who lost their lives on board the Titanic on April 14, 1912, have found their way to the museum dedicated to their memory."
"The crew travels to Oregon to investigate the mysterious Wolf Creek Inn, a historic building riddled with aggressive negative energy, apparitions and a vampire-like creature. During the lockdown, Aaron experiences a dramatic psychological breakdown."
"Zak and the crew travel to the small mining town of Eureka, Nevada, to investigate reports of an aggressive spirit at a hotel as well as a mysterious underground tunnel system built by oppressed Chinese laborers."
"Zak and the crew travel to Las Vegas to help a family plagued by a demonic force in their home. The man and his siblings believe the entity attached itself to their mother and caused her death."
"The crew investigates an abandoned Arizona hospital where the caretaker is being choked by a dark presence. A strange conflict arises between Zak and Aaron after objects are thrown at the guys and a violent threat is captured on EVP."
"The crew travels to Arizona to investigate The Slaughter House, a meatpacking plant-turned haunted attraction. Rapper Post Malone joins the lockdown and Zak is affected by dark energy, leading to a marathon of paranormal activity."
"No description"
"No description"
Season 16 - Ghost Adventures
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
Season 17 - Ghost Adventures
"No description"
"No description"
Season 18 - Ghost Adventures
"The crew investigates paranormal activity at a Vegas haunted attraction."
"Zak and the crew investigate dark energy at a Las Vegas gentlemen's club."
"The crew investigates a former casino with a shady past in Yuma, AZ."
"The crew investigates a historic hotel plagued by dark spirits in Colorado."
"The crew investigates two hotels inside an infamous Las Vegas casino."
"The crew investigates aggressive spirit activity at a California estate."
Season 19 - Ghost Adventures
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
Season 20 - Ghost Adventures
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
Season 21 - Ghost Adventures
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
Season 22 - Ghost Adventures
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
Season 23 - Ghost Adventures
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"